Rethinking Thanksgiving: The 400th Anniversary of Thanksgiving

Gayle Anderson continues our four part series observing the 400th ANNIVERSARY OF THANKSGIVING AND RETHINKING THANKSGIVING IN NOVEMBER: NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH – THE GABRIELINO-TONGVA PERSPECTIVE. The rethinking takes us to Native Americans on the California coast and their perspective of Thanksgiving. Today in part three, we learn the Thanksgiving perspective of the Gabrielino-Tongva people. Our location: Tongva Park in Santa Monica. (

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  1. I’m trying to learn more about the Gabrielino tribe which I’m a Native American of this tribe. I have my enrollment number of this tribe. I’m proud of this tribe and there history of events in California which made california what it is today. I have books with information of the tribe and the help they did in early times and should be recognized as tribe of the California American Indians a lot sooner that they have been I’m proud of my tribe aswell as my father and brother. I live in Vancouver and I wish to see our Lands to feel apart of. Thanks

  2. Very powerful thank you my people for getting this out there and telling our side of he story