Instructions for Obtaining a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood

First, if you do not have roll numbers or BIA certificates from other relatives you will need to go to the National Archives located in either Perris, CA or San Bruno, CA. 

National Archives – Southern California

23123 Cajalco Road, Perris, CA 92570

Phone: 951-956-2000

National Archives – Nothern California

1000 Commodore Drive, San Bruno, CA 94066-2350 

Phone: 650-238-3500


You can also search for you records online at:

You will need to look at their census of all Native Americans in California to see if you can find a relative on the census.  Once you locate a relative, you can print it out for a small fee. The closer the relationship to you the better. 

Once you have roll numbers you can proceed with the website.

BIA Navigation Instructions

1. –  Go to click on the Programs & Services tab on the top menu then click BIA on the left-hand sidebar.

2. – Then on the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Page click on Indian Services on the left-hand sidebar.

3. – Once of the Office of Indian Services Page click on the Genealogy on the left-hand sidebar.

4. – Print the form – Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood

You will need to print one for each family member your are registering. Fill out the form as much as possible. The Bureau of Indian Affairs will not accept incomplete forms. You will need to attached copies of the Birth Certificate of the person applying and a copy of the Birth Certificate of the Gabrielino person that you have listed on the application as a relative.

Keep in mind you must show the chain of your relationship to the Gabrielino Person on your Application.

Once forms and documentation are completed and attached.  Mail packet to:

Bureau of Indian Affairs

1451 Research Park Drive, Suite 100 Riverside, CA 92507-0886

Phone: 951-276-6624

Remember it does take some time to get a response back from the BIA.  Once you receive a letter or a Certificate stating you are Gabrielino. Complete the online Membership form.

If you would like future help please reference the California Indian Legal Services (CILS)
Community Legal Education Self-Help Series Guide:

How do I trace my California Indian Ancestry?

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Once I get your paperwork, I will enter you in our Membership Table. Please make sure to send me your online Membership Form, along with a copy of your Birth Certificate and Driver’s License.  You will receive a password via email so you can login and make changes to your profile such as address, date of birth, and other information.